Leininger's Transcultural Nursing: Concepts, Theories, Research & Practice, 4/e

저자 Marilyn R. McFarland, Hiba B. Wehbe-Alamah
출판사 McGraw-Hill
출판년도 2018.03
ISBN_13 9780071841139
판형 Softcover l 480 page l 4판
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The Cornerstone Text on Transcultural Nursing Concepts – Updated with the Latest Advances and Breakthroughs
Leininger’s  Transcultural Nursing: Concepts, Theories, Research & Practices, Fourth Edition offers theoretical and practical guidance about the provision of client-focused care by integrating cultural values, beliefs, and lifeways into an individualized plan of care.

This acclaimed resource presents a global comparative perspective about Western and non-Western cultures and examines the potential future directions for transcultural nursing with insights into rural and urban cultures in the United States including the culture of homeless mothers and children. The book covers important topics such as transcultural nursing, research, and healthcare in Kenya, Southeast Asia, Haiti, Syria, and Taiwan, as well as translational research, globalization, conflict resolution, mental health considerations, Ayurvedic medicine, genetics and genomics in healthcare, integration of care and caring, and an overview of transcultural history, concepts, and principles.

Reflecting the work of experts and scholars in the discipline, the Fourth Edition includes twenty-five new chapters. There are also major updates to the Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality, Ethnonursing Research Method, Sunrise Enabler, and other enablers. 


Part I - Transcultural Nursing: Essential Knowledge Dimensions

Chapter 1: Transcultural Nursing and Globalization of Health Care: Importance, Focus, and Historical Aspects

Chapter 2: Essential Transcultural Nursing Care Concepts, Principles, Examples, and Policy Statements

Chapter 3: Theory of Culture Care and the Ethononursing Research Method and Selected Research Findings from the Culture Care Theory

Chapter 4: Culture Care Assessments for Congruent Competency Practices

Chapter 5: Part I. Toward Integrative Generic and Professional Health Care; Part II. Ethics of Alternative Medicine: Primum Non Nocere

Chapter 6: The Biocultural Basis of Transcultural Nursing

Chapter 7: Western Ethical, Moral, and Legal Dimensions within the Culture Care Theory

Part II - Special Topics in Transcultural Nursing

Chapter 8: Cultures and Tribes of Nursing, Hospitals, and the Medical Culture

Chapter 9: Transcultural Food Functions, Beliefs, and Practices

Chapter 10: Life-Cycle Culturally Based Care and Health Patterns of the Gadsup of New Guinea: A Non-Western Culture

Chapter 11: Transcultural Mental Health Nursing

Chapter 12: Transcultural Nursing Care and Health Perspectives of HIV/AIDS

Chapter 13: Urban USA Transcultural Care Challenges with Multiple Cultures and Culturally Diverse Providers

Chapter 14: Ethical, Moral, and Legal Aspects of Transcultural Nursing

Part III: Culture Care Theory, Research, and Practice in Diverse Cultures

Chapter 15: Anglo-American Culture Care Values, Beliefs, and Lifeways

Chapter 16: Arab Muslims and Culture Care

Chapter 17: African Americans and Culture Care

Chapter 18: South African Culturally-based Health-Illness Patterns and Humanistic Care Practices

Chapter 19: Family Violence and Culture Care with African and Euro-American Cultures in the Unites States

Chapter 20: Elder Care in Urban Namibian Families: An Ethnonursing Study

Chapter 21: Culture Care of the Mexican American Family

Chapter 22: Philippine Americans and Culture Care

Chapter 23: Culture Care Theory and Elderly Polish Americans

Chapter 24: Finnish Women in Birth: Culture Care Meanings and Practices

Chapter 25: Taiwanese Americans: Culture Care Meanings and Expressions

Chapter 26: Transcultural Nursing and Health Care among Native American Peoples

Chapter 27: Lithuanian Americans and Culture Care

Chapter 28: Japanese Americans and Culture Care

Chapter 29: Jewish Americans and Russian Jews Culture Care

Chapter 30: India: Transcultural Nursing and Health Care

Chapter 31: Canadian Transcultural Nursing: Trends and Issues

Chapter 32: Culture Care of the Homeless in the Western United States

Chapter 33: Reflections on Australia and Transcultural Nursing in the New Millenium

Part IV - Transcultural Nursing Teaching, Administration, and Consultation

Chapter 34: Transcultural Nursing: Curricular Concepts, Principles, and Teaching and Learning Activities for the 21st Century

Chapter 35: Transcultural Nursing Administration and Consultation

Part V - The Future of Transcultural Nursing

Chapter 36: The Future of Transcultural Nursing: A Global Perspective




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